Thank you for your interest in a Designated Driver Alternative Membership!

What you get...

  • No Pick Up Fee Rides (Save $10) in the city for 12 months! Pay just $2 per mile to get you and your car home safely, which is less than the cost of a taxi. Some areas and venues have a higher pick up fee, but you still save $10.
  • No trouble with the law, drink all you want and we'll get you home safely!
  • You'll be a hero to your friends, keeping them all out of trouble and getting them home safely!
  • You'll receive a customized key chain with the DDA logo on it stating that you are a member and pay no pick up fees. Your expiration month and year will be printed on the key chain, so you'll know when it's time to renew.

What your friends get...

  • Anytime they go out with you, you can all drink all you want and know that each of you can get home for less than the cost of a taxi, just split the total cost of $2 per mile between all passengers!
  • Dropping off passengers at multiple stops on the way home is no problem, you still just pay $2 per mile to your final destination (i.e. There are four of you going from Buckhead to Alpharetta, and each one gets dropped off at their home, the total mileage is 20 miles at $2 per mile for a total of just $40 or $10 each! Wow, and you get your car back home and all pay less than a taxi and much less than a DUI!)

The Details..

  • The cost of a membership is just $99 per year, which is just ten $10 pick up fees in exchange for an unlimited number of no pick up fee rides in the city per year! If you use our service twice per week, the membership will save you almost $1000 per year!

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